The Conversations These Doggies Are Having Are Hilarious!

We’ve all done voice overs for our dogs; said aloud what we know he must be thinking. Usually it has to do with food, or a favorite toy.

If dogs could only talk, we could have some amazing conversations with our best friends. Most of them seem like they would have personalities that we could relate to among the people we know in our human society. That is probably why the kids movies staring talking animals do so well in the box office.

It has also been the inspiration for a running web-series brought to you by the folks at Petcentric. The series, called Pet Thoughts, does just what you might expect, and gives us a glimpse into what the thoughts and minds of our favorite four-legged friends might think in certain places.

The dog park gives us a glimpse into the social aspects of dog life, and how they might get along in group situations.┬áThe production value is great, and the writing is spot on, but it’s truly the voice acting that makes this worthy of your views. The dogs really come to life in ways that sell you on how accurate the thoughts might be.

Take A Look At Their Hilarious Conversations Here!

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