They Came Home From Their Walk, But Watch What Their Dog Does!

Dogs living in the north have to learn a whole different set of tricks that southern dogs. The basic sit and stay commands are not what you need when you have snow stuck on your fur and in your paws.

Tracking all that snow in the house every time you have to go out can ruin the carpet, leave puddles through the house, or just stress out mom and dad. So, learning a few extra tricks helps to make living in the northern country just a bit easier. The first one any respectable dog should learn is to wipe his feet before entering a house.


This helps to remove the snow or mud, and keep your entryway looking cleaner and nicer for longer.┬áHere is a great example of a dog that knows his manners, and can help keep his own house clean. Wiping your paws, as an added bonus, is also a lot of fun for the dog because it’s so much like digging!┬áSo, trotting in from outside, the dog first sees the human wipe his feet several times.

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