Things That Italian Moms Say… LOL

If you are Italian… you will get a laugh from this one. It is a parody video and is very funny. Having an Italian husband, I have heard many of these before from my mother-in-law 🙂

“Tell Anthony not to eat the Mozzarella in the fridge!”

LOL – That is just one thing you will hear in this video about Italian Moms and what you might hear them saying. There are quite a few parodies in this video that are sure to give you a giggle – especially if you know an Italian family or ofcourse if you are part of one.

It is a cute video filled with tons of Italian stereotypes – but still very funny. Especially when you know someone in real life that acts like this. Be sure to share it with your Italian friends and family.

And if you have an Italian Mother or Grandmother that says things like this, post a comment below…

(source: YouTube)

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