This Dog Is The Best Dancer You’ll Ever See!

You know that moment when you realize that a dog has better dance moves than you? Well get ready to experience it, because this dog can really cut a rug.

It must have taken this pair quite a long time to learn this whole routine, but it was obviously time well spent. If the music sounds familiar, it’s from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. This looks to be very far from Bollywood, though, and the two dancers could not be a stranger pair to try and live up to this Bollywood dance music.

However, shortly in to the video we can all tell that these two have put in just as much practice as any dancer from and Indian musical. The connection between the dog and the girl is so powerful that the pair seems to be performing something old and traditional.

While sometimes the girls signals to the dog are a bit obvious, there are points during the dance where you can see that the dog knows what he is doing, and knows what is coming next. He locks eyes with his dance partner and never lets go. The best part of this video is how well he knows his own moves!

Take A Look At This Incredible Performance Here!

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