What do you think Dogs will do for Doritos?

There’s no denying that chips are addictive. Whether its Lays potato chips, Cheetos, or the ultimate Doritos, it’s hard to stop after just one chip. Many hilarious and viral advertisements have aired on this topic and this one is not to be excluded from the list.

Just thinking about Doritos is bound to make your mouth water. And you’re not the only one drooling for chips. Nothing will stop this trio of dogs from snagging a bag of Dorito Chips, not even the vet’s stern reprimand that they are unhealthy.  Seeing a shelf full of packaged Doritos, the dogs admire them from behind the glass. They quickly glance up at the sign that clearly prohibited them from the store, but it does nothing to deter these musketeers in their mission for chips.

giphy (4)

Their creative attempts are stopped by a diligent shopkeeper who notices them sneaking in on the bottom of carts and calls their cute distractions as bluffs. Even when they manage to get within several feet they are shooed out with brooms and chased out with anger. Hiding behind some flower pots the trio notices a man in a hat and sunglasses and a new idea surfaces. Can you guess their next tactic?

Check It Out Here! you will Laugh Out Loud!

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