Woman Screaming On Live Television Gets Slapped By A Fish!

The aquatic life of the sea, not to be outdone this Super Bowl season, have released a video of their own. The set up is a woman, screaming frantically at the camera, in the midst of a storm.

The woman looks angry, that is until a flying fish comes out of no where and smacks her in the face! If it wasn’t caught on camera, you’d never believe it.¬†What looks like a screaming tirade at the camera certainly isn’t the news. There is no audio to give a hint as to what the context is for this video, but the woman is clearly not happy.

What happens next is sure to increase her unpleasant mood. If the rain and the spray from the ocean weren’t enough, then the flying fish that targets her right cheek is sure to dampen her spirits. The fish hits her with such accuracy it can hardy be believed.

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!

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